Go Daddy Goes to the Olympics

Just when you think iconic domain name registrar and web host provider GoDaddy can’t be any more prolific in their advertising efforts they do something to surprise everyone. Such is the case with the recent announcement that the company plans to unveil a brand-new marketing campaign via NBC’s 2012 Olympic Games coverage. The new campaign is entitled “Inside/Out” and was created by New York advertising firm Deutsch Inc.

GoDaddy’s reputation for cutting-edge marketing began with the first of its Super Bowl advertisement in 2005; an ad that purposely played off of the controversial wardrobe malfunction involving Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson a year earlier. That ad and those that followed over the next seven years have accomplished GoDaddy’s ultimate goal of driving web traffic to its site. Their efforts proved to be among the most successful marketing ventures in the Internet industry.

“People know who we are, our Super Bowl marketing has helped make GoDaddy a household name,” said GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman. “Our customers think of us as their business partner because of our products, infrastructure and service. What we want to do now is market in ways that tell people more about what we do to help businesses grow online.”

To date, all of the company’s Super Bowl ads have all been in-house productions. But, according to Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman, GoDaddy decided to team up with Deutsch for the Olympics because they think “the team there ‘gets us’ and can help take GoDaddy to the next level.” Rechterman went on to say Deutsch executives understand their story and that teaming up with them could be an important step in helping further develop the GoDaddy brand.

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