Go Daddy “Growing Up”

Last month (June, 2012) it was learned that Web hosting provider and domain name registrar GoDaddy had hired a Madison Avenue advertising firm to begin producing a set of commercials to begin airing during the Olympic Games in London. The announcement was a significant departure for GoDaddy, given the fact that all the company’s previous television spots had been produced in-house. They’ve also been the pet project of company founder Bob Parsons.

According to the New York Times, the first ad from Deutsch New York suggests GoDaddy is attempting to switch gears into a more “grown up” image. While the ad is still slightly provocative with a scantily clad female model, it also introduces an average looking, but awkward, GoDaddy technician named Carl. The point of the ad is to demonstrate the company attracted lots of customers with their racy commercials but keeps them with their technical expertise and reliability.

The commercial “captures what we wanted to do really well,” said GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman. “We wanted to acknowledge our past, and “not walk away from” it, but also begin to talk more about “products and services” and “who we are.”

Deutsch New York’s Greg DiNoto recognizes the new GoDaddy strategy as being wise. He said that “the sexy side of GoDaddy has had a purpose, to get attention. We wink at that and use it to open a door to another side of GoDaddy, as a reliable tech company, that consumers need to know about.” He went on to knowledge Aldeman’s sentiments by saying that customers appreciate when companies don’t walk away from the places they’ve been, from a branding standpoint.

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