Go Daddy Introduces Cloud Servers

If it seems like every web hosting company and its neighbour is getting into the cloud market; that might be because it’s true. The latest entry is none other than leading web host provider and domain name registrar GoDaddy. The Arizona-based company announced on May 1 the introduction of their new service dubbed “GoDaddy Cloud Servers,” in response to an ever-changing market that’s seeing more and more commercial customers heading for the cloud.

One of the biggest factors driving customers to the cloud is the ever-increasing resource needs of today’s websites. GoDaddy aims to address that issue with their Cloud Servers by giving companies complete control over their own environments through the use of private clouds. That enables IT departments to manage their resources according to their own needs rather than the one-size -fits all parameters typically set up by web hosting companies. To help facilitate this, the company’s Cloud Servers include an installation package that will facilitate a complete setup in just a few simple steps.

“It has always been GoDaddy’s primary mission to help businesses grow through our cost-effective, reliable, feature-rich products,” said GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman. “Cloud Servers is a GoDaddy innovation that takes the complexity out of a complicated technology, yet gives users a substantial range of sophistication.”

Among the best offerings of the new GoDaddy product are bundled network features the company is putting together in a single, cost-effective package. This gives customers a greater degree of support and functionality at a more reasonable price. Cloud Servers customers will be able to choose between the Linux and Windows operating systems and will have access to a 24/7 dedicated support team.

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