Go Daddy is Netcraft #1 Again

Netcraft’s latest Secure Server Survey has just come out; guess who is once again number one among certificate authorities issuing SSL certs to customers? It’s GoDaddy, of course. The Netcraft survey shows Arizona-based GoDaddy as having added nearly 7,000 new certificates, putting them at the top of the list for the 37th time in the last 55 months. What started out as a way to serve an untapped market has exploded into a fundamental piece of the GoDaddy business strategy.

“GoDaddy entered the SSL certificate space eight years ago for the same reason we became a domain name registrar and hosting provider,” said CEO Warren Adelman. “We saw a market that was under-served, an area where we could make a difference and help customers looking to build an online presence. Having a secure website doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive and I think that’s the reason for our rapid growth.”

Driving the growth in SSL certificates is the need for Web security among businesses, schools, nonprofits, and even individuals. An SSL certificate offers protection by encrypting data as it’s sent, decrypting it on the other end only if an identical certificate is found. It’s a rather simple method of providing customer security that is robust and effective at the same time. GoDaddy points out that fact by referencing how many banks, online retailers, and other businesses use SSL certificates for conducting online transactions.

GoDaddy is especially proud of the fact that their SSL certificates are used by more than just online businesses. They have also provided certificates to educational institutions and government entities both at home and abroad. Along with those SSL certificates GoDaddy is the world leader in hosting secure websites.

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