Go Daddy Launches Spanish Language Website

According to the CIA World Factbook, Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world behind only Mandarin. It’s also the second most-spoken language in the United States where web hosting company and domain registrar GoDaddy is based. It should be no surprise then, that the company has just launched a Spanish-language website aimed at helping its Spanish-speaking customers develop their online presence. The new website can be found at the address es.GoDaddy.com.

To promote the Spanish-language site GoDaddy is employing the services of Natalia Velez, the beautiful model who provided the canvas for the company’s 2012 Super Bowl “Body Paint” commercial. Ms. Velez is a native Spanish speaker passionate about GoDaddy and promoting their Spanish-language website. She told reporters that GoDaddy’s services are so simple to use that one not need a technology degree to get online, just a good idea. She further stated that it’s easier for Spanish-speaking Web users now that they can do so in their native language.

“GoDaddy is committed to helping small businesses grow in countries all around the world,” GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman said in an official statement. “We created es.GoDaddy.com to better serve our Spanish speaking customers who want to leverage our easy-to-use products in their native language online.”

There has been no mention of any additional or enhanced services as part of the website launch. Therefore, it’s assumed that everything remains the same except for the language the site is written in. Spanish-speaking customers should find all of the same features, products, informational articles, included in the main GoDaddy English site.

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