Go Daddy on Top SSL Certificate Market

Already the world leader in domain names and new SSL certificates, GoDaddy now finds itself in the number one position when it comes to SSL and Extended Validation (EV) certificates. According to the recently released Netcraft Secure Server Survey, GoDaddy facilitated more secure data transactions for customers in January (2012) than any other certificate authority. In addition, the company enjoyed the largest growth in that sector gaining more than 19,000 new certificates.

SSL certificates are the key to Internet security because they allow data transactions to take place in an extremely secure environment. They are used by online retailers, e-mail servers, and millions of websites requiring secure data access. Extended Validation certificates are simply a more secure extension of traditional SSL.

As for GoDaddy’s involvement in the SSL market, they have been a strong leader since their entrance in 2003. The company was instrumental in helping to develop the guidelines for the emerging EV market in 2007, and became the world’s second-largest provider of EV certificates just four years later.

“GoDaddy’s mission in the SSL industry is providing unparalleled value and customer service,” said Wayne Thayer, GoDaddy’s Chief Technology Officer. “Each certificate authority gives customers the exact same product. In order to outgrow the competition, GoDaddy has focused on giving customers the highest level of support during the SSL approval process and streamlining certificate installation.”

GoDaddy continues to be an instrumental force in shaping the future of Internet security. Even now they are working with others in the industry to help develop international standards for certificate authorities. It stands to reason that their role as a world leader in  SSL will only serve to expand their ever-growing market around the world.

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