Go Daddy Promotes Web Professionals’ Day

Web hosting company and domain registrar GoDaddy is reminding customers this week of the up-and-coming Web Professionals’ Day slated this year for April 29 (2012). The annual Day honours those who work in the Web community as site builders, technicians, help desk personnel, and so on. Without Web professionals it’s hard to imagine what modern life would be like, given the fact that we depend on the Internet and its contents for every area of our lives.

“We hope more and more people will join the spirit of the holiday this year, to honor their Web pro … these are the people helping drive Internet growth … the people who help design websites … the people who keep websites up and running with fresh content and we think they deserve a tribute day,” said Warren Adelman, GoDaddy CEO . “If you think about all the ways the Internet touches your day-to-day life, or business, it’s astounding.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of Web-related jobs in that country is expected to increase to more than 1 million over the course of the next eight to ten years. The only industry growing faster than the Internet and its related fields is the healthcare industry. Realizing the importance of the web industry in the lives of average Americans reminds us that this is an industry that truly benefits everyone.

GoDaddy encourages customers and Web users in general to show their support for Web professionals by posting a tweet on Sunday using the #GDWebPro hash tag. They also encourage young people trying to decide on a career to check out what Web professionals do by visiting the website www.webprofessionals.org.

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