Go Daddy Purchases M.dot Inc. and Opens New Office

In the wake of GoDaddy’s successful Super Bowl commercials, the Scottsdale-based company has purchased a web development app maker and opened a new office in the Sunnyvale area.

The company made the announcement of both developments at the same time in a statement on Monday. During the announcement, they refused to reveal the exact terms of the acquisition of M.dot Inc. They also did not say much about why they had decided to buy the company and how they intended on integrating it into the GoDaddy machine.

M.dot Inc. does business by producing mobile apps for website creation and management. The company, primarily orientated towards small businesses, fits into GoDaddy’s recent push to appeal more to small businesses.

GoDaddy said the web app development company produces products that allow users to manage their websites from their smartphones. Such flexibility undoubtedly offers an entirely new way to manage and develop for the business on the go.

Blake Irving, the CEO of GoDaddy, said of the company’s intentions, “GoDaddy wants to help businesses connect with their customers wherever they are in the world, and that means providing killer mobile technology.” He also described the company’s elation at the acquisition.

The acquisition also explained why GoDaddy had acquired a new office in the Sunnyvale area. The office, which was officially opened on the same day, will serve as the new home for employees of the former web development app agency. It has a total capacity of 40 employees and there are already plans in place to double its capacity within the next year.

The web host has moved quickly in recent years to increase its capacity. Positive estimates revealed how websites hosted by GoDaddy account for 13 percent of Internet usage, whereas a few years ago this figure stood at a measly 1 percent.

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