Go Daddy Reaches 1 Million Downloads

Online business behemoth GoDaddy is in the news again, this time in relation to its mobile app for smartphones and tablets. The company announced that while total downloads were about 500,000 at the end of 2011, the first couple of weeks of 2012 pushed the number to over 1 million total downloads. That’s an impressive feat – even by GoDaddy’s amazing standards.

The app is designed to give customers the ability to manage domain names and accounts using a smart phone or tablet. It’s especially useful for resellers who may need access to client accounts throughout the course of the day, even when on the go. Having access to client accounts from the smart phone means the reseller is never out of touch with his own customers needs.

Users will have access to a native e-mail client, a domain name management tool, and the ability to send and receive files. Essentially, they will be able to do just about anything with their phones or tablets they could do on an office computer. GoDaddy’s mobile development manager explained the app in recent comments.

“The GoDaddy Mobile App is built to be user-friendly and it integrates with all of our Workspace products, like email, online storage and calendar,” said Dan Casey. “This means you can manage all of your services through the interface. And of course whenever the inspiration for a great domain name hits, the Mobile App gives customers access — anytime, anywhere.”

The mobile app represents just the latest technological innovation from the undeniable leader in domain names services. It is available for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

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