Go Daddy Refutes Hacker Claims and Blames Technical Glitches

GoDaddy, which is one of the major players in the world of Internet hosting, has blamed the recent disruption to its services on major technical issues. This flies in the face of the claims that hackers were the ones to bring down GoDaddy.

On September 10, 2012, GoDaddy seemed helpless as a significant portion of its 10 million customers witnessed their services disrupted throughout a six-hour window. It consisted of sporadic crashes throughout the day that prevented many from carrying out web maintenance work and registering domains. Sites that were hosted from GoDaddy weren’t available for users.

Although a number of news outlets have reported that hackers have taken credit for the failures, GoDaddy interim Chief Executive Scott Wagner has come out and said that it was down to negative internal network events. Elizabeth Driscoll, a spokeswoman for the company, refused to reveal exactly how many people had been impacted by these issues. She did say, however, that: “We will be reaching out to customers in the coming days with a good faith gesture that acknowledges the disruption.” But she did refuse to elaborate on what this statement meant exactly.

The hacker in question claimed to be associated with the loose confederation of hackers known as Anonymous. According to the alleged hacker, who spoke from a Twitter account, a DDoS attack was used to take it down. The Distributed Denial of Service attack involves a site being flooded with traffic until it cannot cope with the influx of users any longer, which causes it to crash.

Regardless of what exactly caused the issue, estimates have stated that businesses were particularly hard hit by the issues as the Chief Executive of RunningShoes.com, Chad Weinman, claimed that they lost almost $50,000 due to potential customers drifting towards their competitors.

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