Go Daddy Replaces Cisco Kit with New A10 Networks

Global web hosting giant GoDaddy has changed its Cisco kit with the new A10 networks. The change will go global as it replaces its current holdings in its home base of North America and some of its global centres.

The change will not affect GoDaddy clients directly. Instead, they will notice a more resilient network and far less downtime. 337,000 UK customers and the huge Amsterdam facility in the Netherlands are amongst the biggest beneficiaries.

GoDaddy is committed to constantly updating its technology as demands for high-quality web hosting continue to grow. The A10 was selected personally by the company with the view to improving its consolidation ratio, network resilience, and online protection.

The company’s director for networking, Tim Parker said, “Small business customer success online is largely influenced by the technology and support employed. Using A10, we are able to provide the same, top-level service our nearly 11 million customers have come to expect while improving reliability and keeping costs down.”

The A10 is a scalable, high-performance platform for networks. It focuses on energy efficiency to drive costs down for its owners. GoDaddy undoubtedly chose it in a bid to help reduce its own operating costs, whilst still offering an improvement over the Cisco series.

The A10 also includes SSL Offload, DNS Application Firewall, and SSL Intercept without any added charges to GoDaddy’s licence.

The CEO and founder of A10 Networks, Lee Chen, spoke of its latest contract with GoDaddy, “We are proud to deliver A10’s exceptionally efficient and versatile Advanced Core OS (ACOS) solutions that are required to enable GoDaddy’s high growth web hosting business without compromising on features, flexibility or value.”

Whilst observers do not expect much in the way of an immediate impact, combining the A10 with the rest of GoDaddy’s initiatives is bound to have a positive effect on the company going forward.

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