Go Daddy Reveals Indian Resellers Market Growth

GoDaddy announced in an email sent to various websites that it has increased its growth in the Indian resellers market by 95% year-on-year throughout quarter three.

This spells a major success for the webhost as it announced in April 2012 it would be launching a reseller plan in India to help boost growth. It also comes off of the back of news in August 2012 where a 52% increase in its India customer base was reported.

The growth is no real surprise, according to a study conducted by ComScore and Assocham, as India is now one of the top three Internet markets globally. With a 41% user growth rate there’s currently a massive opportunity for global webhosts to increase their profitability by taking advantage of the 125 million people who have access to the Internet in India.

A variety of payment methods are available for customers in India, including PayPal and mobile payments. GoDaddy has also implemented a local currency option integrated into some of the already existing payment methods.

The reseller base in India has gained another growth injection with the development of GoDaddy’s Certified Webmasters Program. This program involves collaborating with local web solutions companies to help resellers connect with highly-skilled web developers.

GoDaddy’s India managing director, Rajiv Sodhi, said of the news: “GoDaddy has taken a hands-on approach to learning about resellers in India. We take the time to listen to their businesses, especially understanding their pain-points. GoDaddy is always evolving to fit the needs of our customers.”

Sodhi has been a particularly worthwhile addition to the GoDaddy team, after his appointment earlier in 2012. His goal was to boost growth in this emerging market, and he has had remarkable success in such a short period of time. This global webhost now has a foothold in one of the most lucrative markets on the planet.

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