Go Daddy Says Hello to Cricket

GoDaddy is back in the news again, this time due to their entrance into professional cricket. The world’s leader in SSL certificates and domain name registrations recently announced an official partnership with England’s cricket Test match grounds to sponsor outings for the 2012 season. The company decided to become a sponsor after a successful run as a sponsor of IPL Cricket on the UK’s ITV4.

Just a few days earlier GoDaddy announced they were joining America’s Fox Sports as a major sponsor for a NASCAR racing. The company was already a sponsor of two separate cars in the sports top two divisions, but being a television sponsor opens the door for a lot more opportunities. With GoDaddy now an active sponsor in professional cricket, auto racing, and American football one wonders where they will show up next. The cricket deal is their first major sponsorship effort in Europe.

“Cricket is known for its intensity and long-standing rivalries,” said Barb Rechterman, GoDaddy chief marketing officer and executive vice president. “GoDaddy is known for connecting with sports fans with that kind of energy and passion. This venue just makes good sense as we expand internationally. We think many UK cricket fans have heard of the GoDaddy brand already, but we’re looking to get in front of them with our hosting products and services in a way that is both fun and educational from a marketing standpoint.”

The deal, which was negotiated by a leading UK sports marketing agency, gives GoDaddy branding opportunities at all England international matches this summer. Being that Test cricket is the highest level of the sport, it’s sure to garner the most attention and offer GoDaddy the most exposure.

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