Go Daddy “Sponsors” Campaign to Replace Danica

In addition to being the number one domain name registrar and SSL certificate provider, there’s one other thing GoDaddy does better than anyone else in the web hosting business: marketing.

For example, their Super Bowl ads are among some of the most well received, designed to drive traffic to their website at strategic times during the annual NFL championship game. In the world of motor sports, having fan favourite NASCAR driver Danica Patrick as their main celebrity spokesperson does wonders for promoting their image as an exciting, innovative, and cutting-edge company.

Now GoDaddy takes that to the next level by allegedly sponsoring a campaign by IndyCar race driver James Hinchcliffe to unseat Patrick as the company’s main spokesperson. Hinchcliffe, known simply as “Hinch” in GoDaddy circles, started his “Hinch for Homepage!” campaign back in March. The company is now giving customers the chance to vote for him by visiting their website. Whether or not Patrick is eventually replaced remains to be seen.

“Danica and the GoDaddy brand have become synonymous, we’re not going to lose sight of that,” said GoDaddy Senior Executive VP Barb Rechterman. “It’s fun to see a young man like Hinch come in and attach to what we do with such gusto. We think it’s worth giving him a shot at the homepage.”

As for Patrick, she seems unfazed by the whole thing. Even though Hinchcliffe won the rookie of the year honours for 2011 in his GoDaddy sponsored Indy car, it doesn’t appear she’s expecting to be replaced. She said she is “keeping an eye on this ‘campaign’…but I’m not too worried.” She and Hinchcliffe are even working on new TV commercial together.

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