Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad with Agency Cemented

Since GoDaddy started producing Super Bowl commercials to advertise the global web hosting giant, it’s done so internally, but for the 2013 Super Bowl it’s enrolled the help of an independent ad agency.

Deutsch Inc.’s New York Office officially signed the deal with GoDaddy this week. The company will now be helping to produce two different 30-second commercials for this year’s Super Bowl. It comes as a shock to many people as GoDaddy’s ads have typically been innovative and creative when it comes to the Super Bowl.

These strategies have helped to drive up GoDaddy’s share of the market from 16% to 50% in a mere eight years. The ads have set new records for Internet traffic going through its site, and additional records for its sales revenues and the number of new customers signing up for their services.

The Chief Marketing Office for GoDaddy Barb Rechterman said: “We are doing something we’ve never done in a Super Bowl – we are repositioning sexy,” She continued on to say: “The new sexy means success, ambition, and drive and it can be achieved by using GoDaddy to grow your business. We think it’s sexy to grow a business, to be your own boss and to make dreams come true online.”

However, the news that the company is now working with an ad agency could spell big changes. GoDaddy NASCAR driver Danica Patrick has been embroiled in controversy this past week, as her position as the face of GoDaddy seems to be in jeopardy. The celebrity has been in more Super Bowl ads than anyone, but this move away could spell the start of a new marketing beginning.

Patrick did come out and express her desire to be in the next Super Bowl ad, but only time will tell whether this occurs or not.

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