Go Daddy’s Parsons Going Back to School

GoDaddy founder and University of Baltimore alumni Bob Parsons is going back to school… sort of. He recently announced a $1 million donation to his alma mater in order to start a new program specializing in digital communications in the modern era. The program involves a new professorship and a virtual lecture series Parsons will participate in beginning next school year. Parsons will be sharing with students is business knowledge and marketing experience acquired largely through his association with GoDaddy.

“The Bob ‘GoDaddy’ Parsons Professorship of Digital Communication, Commerce and Culture will be an integral part of UB’s focus on preparing students for success in the digital age,” said UB president Robert L. Bogomolny in an official statement. “I especially appreciate Bob’s willingness to share his considerable knowledge with our students. There’s no doubt he’ll be a great lecturer.”

Most known for his envelope pushing Superbowl commercials, the former GoDaddy front man turned his company into the world leader in domain name registrations and SSL certificates, as well as revolutionizing the way web hosting companies advertise. To date none of GoDaddy’s competitors get nearly the attention from their marketing campaigns despite being every bit as good in terms of service and product quality.

Just a few weeks ago GoDaddy broke the company tradition of producing all commercials in-house by hiring New York-based Deutsch to head up its ad campaign for this summer’s Olympics. The decision was made by current CEO Warren Aldeman who believes Deutsch understands his company and can help take it to the next level. The announcement was followed up just last week by GoDaddy plans to begin targeting India as their next major market.

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