Google Data Centers Greener than the Rest

Google data centers consume 50 percent less energy than the industry average in a recent report which has Google as one of the top green friendly companies in the world. The report and its collected information was written by Google, about itself this week.

Google has been ahead of the carbon neutrality movement, it hosts a yearly data center conference for green ethics and recently opened their seawater cooled center in Finland.

This is all very telling, but other sources point out that Google has not released totals for its carbon footprint in actual numbers or hard data concerning their actual energy consumption. What they have released has been primarily reported energy consumption of their offices and corporate facilities, but it only details the use of electricity resources by the company. Other energy resources are not figured into the totals and this has brought some skepticism upon the reported facts by Google at this time.

Google has also launched their own personal website that promotes a variety of green initiatives that they are in support of. Google plans to release more information publicly soon, but their report has opened the floor for other companies to be more forthcoming about their own energy policies.

Further details remain to be seen, but once again Google has brought itself to the forefront of another global issue and has made their competition have one more concern to address. The fact remains that one can not denied that Google has always had an environmentally green outlook as a business.

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