Green Geeks Cited As Best Drupal Host for 2012


In the world of content management systems (CMS) Drupal is right up there with WordPress and Joomla in terms of overall popularity. The open source CMS is very popular among developers who are hosting open-source applications along with standard Internet content. So it’s fitting that GreenGeeks, one of the leaders in green hosting solutions, was recently honoured as the Best Drupal Hosting Company for 2012 by Web hosting review site WebHostingClue. The site awards the honour based on number of criteria including affordability, customer satisfaction, technical support, and overall Drupal compatibility. It must be noted that GreenGeeks also provides WordPress and Joomla hosting.

GreenGeeks and Drupal share a common goal in terms of providing an environmentally friendly Internet. Drupal is considered one of the more eco-friendly open source projects while GreenGeeks is the only web host company that purchases renewable energy credits to the extent that each customer replaces three times as much energy as his website consumes. The company accomplishes this monumental feat through a combination of purchased credits and the green technology that they implement to run their servers.

Along the same lines GreenGeeks just posted a blog entry on their website discussing their presence at the recently concluded DrupalCon 2012. According to the post the annual convention saw more than 3000 attendees, many of whom dropped by the GreenGeeks display to learn more about the company. GreenGeeks has enjoyed such good success at the last two conventions they are already making plans to attend the 2013 event.

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