Green House Data Partners Up to Aid Expansion

Hosting provider Green Host Data unveiled its new partnerships with Net2EZ and DuPont Fabros Technology to help with its latest expansion project.

The expansion will bring a VMware vCloud hosting service to Newark, New Jersey, as powered by the gBlock cloud hosting service. It is the latest move in a series of projects that saw a new centre built in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and an additional centre in Beaverton, Oregon.

Customers in Europe and North America will have access to a stable infrastructure offering consistently high performance across their applications. Companies expect to benefit the most from this new expansion. In North America specifically, the new cloud will offer access to cloud disaster recovery and production cloud services from the East to the West Coast.

gBlock itself allows customers to take advantage of mirrored servers with the company’s customised security settings included. Moving data between its services is seamless and the mirror servers mean organisations can quickly recover their data should they suffer from any technical failures.

Green House Data also assured customers they would receive the same quality service, affordable pricing, and initiatives as customers using the Wyoming and Oregon data centres.

The president of Green House Data, Shawn Mills spoke of the move: “The Green House Data cloud now blankets the entire nation.” He continued to speak about the company’s dedication and goals: “We are proud to give our customers a geographically diverse cloud that is highly available, load balanced across locations, and provides additional failover in the case of an unforeseen event. Because we are able to provide multiple, nationwide access points, our customers are able to reach their customers, faster, no matter where they are in North America or the Eurozone.”

Joining up with these two organisations enables the organisation to pool its resources and cope with the additional operating costs. It also means customers can expect a better service as a result.

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