GreenGeeks Announces Addition of Cashie Commerce Platform

Green web hosting provider GreenGeeks announced the addition of the Cashie Commerce platform to their list of services. The official announcement came by way of a company blog dated June 25, 2012. GreenGeeks is promoting the new service by emphasizing the fact that it adds value to a website by providing a custom shopping experience that is very secure. The company is also using the service to further promote its commitment to developing value added partnerships with their hosting customers.

Cashie Commerce enables GreenGeeks customers to begin offering online shopping through their websites. It is optimized to work with WordPress, making it easy to integrate into what existing GreenGeeks customers are already doing. Cashie Commerce is also fully integrated with PayPal right out of the box. And since PayPal is one of the world’s most recognizable electronic payment systems it allows for a seamless shopping experience for customers who are already familiar with PayPal.

“Cashie Commerce allows you to start selling on your website or blog today integrated with PayPal,” reads the blog post. “With Cashie Commerce, you can create a professional and secure shopping experience that’s customized to your site. And because PayPal has more than 100 million users around the globe, your customers are likely to know and trust the PayPal brand — and can feel more confident about buying from your site.”

GreenGeeks customers ready to put Cashie Commerce to work need only log into their cPanel control panels and choose “Softaculous” under the Software and Services Heading. Once inside Softaculous they will find a link to the Cashie Commerce installation on the left. Like all Softaculous applications, Cashie Commerce is installed via an automated script which handles all the configuration on its own.

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