GreenGeeks Announces Addition of SiteLock

GreenGeeks, the American web hosting company billing itself as “the #1 GREEN ENERGY WEB HOSTING service provider,” announced the addition of SiteLock to their list of services in a blog post dated June 7, 2012. The post, written by CEO Trey Gardner, encourages current GreenGeeks customers to seriously consider using SiteLock to increase website security. SiteLock adds an additional level of security and prevents hosted websites from being overtaken by hackers and used for spurious purposes.

“We only partner with people we strongly believe provide the same level of customer service that we do,” wrote Gardner. “One of our latest partners is a service called SiteLock. Security has always been our top priority here at GreenGeeks, and we do everything in our power to provide top server security to our customers. SiteLock adds an additional layer of security to your site that is unparalleled by any other service.”

Gardner went on to point out that SiteLock does a complete scan of a website to check for known malware, infected SQL databases, potentially dangerous scripts, and more. If anything is found the service will notify the website owner and suggest corrective action. Gardner himself signed up for the service and says he was under way with his initial scan in just a couple of minutes.

GreenGeeks recommends SiteLock over other services because of some of the features it offers. It provides a report after every scan to inform website owners not only about infections, but other things that might pose an infection risk in the future. The service also performs a comprehensive scan every 24 hours. Finally, site owners who sign up for SiteLock are given permission to use the company’s logo as a promotional tool on their websites.

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