GreenGeeks Breaks 10,000 Website Transfer Mark

Ethical web hosting provider GreenGeeks, a leading provider in the California area, has revealed it has broken new ground by surpassing 10,000 website transfers.

Its free website transfer service, initially launched in 2009, is available to all customers and helps with making the transition from one web-hosting provider to GreenGeeks. This complimentary service has acted as a major part of its marketing plan over the past few years.

Specifically, this website transfer service comes with any of its dedicated, reseller, shared, and VPS hosting packages. It enables a quick transfer of all website data from any web-hosting provider in the world.

The CEO of GreenGeeks, Trey Gardner, said of the program, “When we started the program, we were one of the first web hosting providers to aggressively offer website transfer services. Our competitors either didn’t offer it or were charging for it.”

GreenGeeks markets itself by paying attention to its environmentally friendly hardware and its customer service. Gardner spoke of the importance of offering a service dedicated to helping customers at no charge, “The hand holding approach we take with customers who are transferring their websites to us allows us to show our new customers what we’re all about right off the bat. They love the service; it takes the edge off the moving process.”

To carry out its services, the organisation employs a dedicated team that handles the hundreds of website transfer requests coming in each week. The Support Manager, Josh Dargie, said the company prides itself on being able to transfer any sort of website, from Drupal to WordPress. He also said there are no limits to how big or small a website has to be to qualify for this service.

This news comes at a critical time for investors as the company also recent announced it was upgrading its entire hardware suite to the more efficient Xeon E5 processors.

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