GreenGeeks Makes Drush Command Line Available

GreenGeeks has announced that they have decided to make Drush, their command line shell and scripting tool, available to the general public as part of the company’s shared hosting service packages.

Drush is a scripting tool and command line shell on the Drupal platform. It is available as part of the company’s reseller and shared hosting services. This is a big boon for developers, who have been requesting that the tool be made available for some time.

Trey Gardner, the CEO for GreenGeeks, said one of the most frequent requests it had been receiving from developers was the Drush scripting tool. He said the company was proud to announce that they had granted the requests and Drush was now available.

It allows developers to do more with their accounts. This is an advanced tool that makes coding much easier. Drush lets users search the platform, install modules, install Drupal, and edit any modules currently in place. Anyone with the experience to use the tool can install it on his or her hosting accounts free of charge.

GreenGeeks has had a long business relationship with The Drupal Association. As part of its collaborative relationship, Drupal supplied its platform for developers. In exchange, the web host contributed to their scholarship programs and made appearances at major sponsorship events in Portland, Denver, and Chicago.

Users can gain access to the services by installing it with one click from their main account control panel. It is only available for packages that have been optimised for use with Drupal websites.

Installing the Drupal package provides enhanced security, a one-click installation facility, a variety of customisable modules, and PHP.ini configuration capabilities.

The move is a major PR coup for GreenGeeks as it shows them as listening to their customers and acquiescing to direct requests. It is also likely to increase the company’s stock amongst its ordinary users.

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