GreenGeeks Reminds Customers of Call Centre Monitoring

In a recent post to the company’s blog, web hosting company GreenGeeks took the occasion to remind their customers everywhere about the value they place on monitoring the calls that come into their customer service call centre. The post was written by the company’s customer service supervisor to point out that GreenGeeks believes the customer experience is one of the most important factors in maintaining a productive call centre.

According to the blog post Green Geeks uses a set of predetermined criteria established on a weekly basis to rate how well their customer service representatives are serving those who call in. By tracking phone calls and the agents responsible for them, the company is better able to get a handle on issues and implement solutions before those issues produce unhappy customers.

“If your company deals with as many calls as we do each day and you are not doing regular analysis of random calls, I recommend you open up Excel and start defining what you are looking for in terms of call flow and call resolution,” the blog post states.

According to the Green Geeks customer service supervisor monitoring and rating call centre performance is not only good for customers, but also agents as well. By having a consistent and established ratings system agents better understand what’s expected of them and how they are to interact with customers. This makes for more productive agents and better relationships between them and GreenGeeks customers. The monitoring has also ensured that customers have a very similar experience whenever they call in, regardless of the particular agent they speak with.

As a result of their call monitoring GreenGeeks has seen a drop in the number of complaint e-mails regarding call centre issues.

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