GreenGeeks Upgrades Hosting Hardware to Xeon E5

Web hosting company GreenGeeks announced it was upgrading its entire VPS hosting service. It said they would use Xeon E5 Processors to improve and offer their customers a more reliable service.

The Intel processors are at the forefront of processing technology, and they aren’t the first web host to install these processors. This leading company in green web hosting services says the new processors use a minimal amount of energy and will only add to the efficiency of the VPS hosting services on offer.

GreenGeeks said in a statement that every user would get a free upgrade to the new servers when they were ready to go live. This upgrade will apply automatically and users will not have to do anything to initiate the upgrade.

The web hosting company’s VPS hosting services currently use DDR3 Memory, RAID-10 redundant storage arrays, gigabit network connections, and a full control panel for customers to control their data.

Each VPS hosting service will continue to have a 24/7 customer support service to help with any questions relating to the upgrade.

The CEO of GreenGeeks, Trey Gardner, said, “To keep up with technological advancements, we are always improving our web hosting services. With more and more customers doing more with their online presence, the upgrades will enable website owners and developers to take advantage of the extra processing power to get more out of their applications.”

Observers were eager to find out the new processors conform to the company’s commitment of offering the most environmentally friendly service to its customers. With the addition of this new hardware, many expect both hardware and software upgrades in the near future.

Investors also expect GreenGeeks to continue its rapid growth throughout 2013 as its services improve. In particular, it wants to concentrate on the enhancement of its website transfer offerings.

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