Hivelocity Features New Order Tracking Function

Web hosting provider Hivelocity has released a brand new order-tracking feature for its customer portal, myVelocity. This live tracker allows customers to find out where their order is at any given time, as well as watch its progress live within the data centre itself after the deployment of the company’s new servers.

The status bar highlights exactly where the deployment team is with their specific order. Clients can watch their IPs being allocated, the mounting of hard drives, installation of RAM, as well as the implementation of the other operating systems. The company said clients could tune in to the creation of these servers when the status bar says ‘server being racked.’ All they have to do is tune into the live camera and watch the organisation’s employees create the server.

It is something that no other company currently has at their disposal. It helps Hivelocity cut down on its support calls, as customers know exactly what stage their order is at. Moreover, it reinforces the company’s ‘four-hour deployment’ guarantee.

This is not the first time a company has moved towards a more visual service. Recently, ProfitBricks launched a Data Center Designer where customers could create their own centres with firewalls and graphical servers through a drag-and-drop system.

The general manager of Hivelocity, Steve Eschweiler released a statement, “The Hivelocity Experience is something we work very hard to create for our customers. We are not just providing web servers, we are providing an over-the-top customer service experience.”

He continued to explain the impact of the new addition, “From the moment you arrive you realize the staff and management team are working very hard to make the experience something fantastic and something special. The Hivelocity Experience starts from the instant you place your order. The new order tracker is just another way we have found to connect with our customers and make servers fun.”

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