Host Gator Wins Host of the Year Award from Review Site

The good news from Houston-based HostGator just keeps pouring in. A few weeks ago the company announced a HostGator partnership with Google that will allow the two companies to begin offering web hosting services in India. Following that announcement was HostGator’s top 10 ranking this past weekend as one of the best places to work in the Austin, Texas area. Now, just days after that piece of news we learn that HostGator has won the 2011 Host of the Year Award from Joomla Hosting Reviews.

While Joomla Hosting Reviews is not in any way related to the Joomla Project, the site exists to help users learn about the project and post reviews and opinions about Joomla web hosts. The large number of positive comments left by reviewers played a significant role in HostGator winning the 2011 award. Noted in some of the reviews was an impressive list of features including unlimited disk space, FTP accounts, and databases, and platforms like MySQL, Python, Perl, and Ruby on Rails.

Joomla Hosting Reviews senior editor Steven Johnson spoke very highly of HostGator when commenting on the recent awards. Among other things he said, “I personally host several sites with them and I am very satisfied. I feel HostGator provides the best service for the money. With HostGator, I do not worry about my sites going down or Joomla server software conflicts. HostGator has worked out all of the kinks providing a great customer experience.”

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