Host Virtual Expands Cloud Hosting in India

Host Virtual has further expanded its operations throughout the world with its new and improved cloud hosting service in India. This move came about because of customer demand and it adds significant capacity to Host Virtual’s existing services.

Host Virtual revealed the Host Virtual Indian Cloud now takes advantage of a 1gbps bandwidth for every VM. The deployment also applies to its private and dedicated hypervisor servers. 24/7 support in the local language also poises it to make a major mark on the Indian market, which is relatively untouched by all but the largest global web hosts.

This move also enhances its unique of advantage of having multiple cloud hosting centres positioned around the world. It now has bases in places like the UK and the US; the US also gained another six new hosting locations in March to improve performance and flexibility.

There is significant demand in India for quality cloud services. Businesses are now demanding cloud services to boost their own activities. It has led to increasing emphasis on cloud training. In fact, 62% of Indian businesses said, in response to a VMware study, they were preparing to increase their cloud budgets. Fifty-six percent of respondents also said they were actively recruiting qualified staff with experience in using and operating cloud systems.

The senior vice president for Host Virtual, Sandy Bhargavi said of the organisation’s services: “We’ve seen a great demand for cloud services in India. Our easy to use, self-service public cloud gives businesses a way to be up and running within a few minutes.”

This web host’s virtual cloud takes advantage of the latest technology to allow its clients to utilise FreeBSD, 300 Linux, and VOIP, along with dual stack IPv6 and the earlier IPv4 support options.

Host Virtual can become one of the major players in India by successfully harnessing the demand for cloud services. It is already well on the way to doing this with this latest decision to expand.

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