Host Virtual Expands Cloud in Hong Kong

Web hosting provider Host Virtual revealed its expansion plans for the Hong Kong cloud, in addition to various other expansions across the world. This is a part of its New Year growth strategy to help the company cope with the increasing number of competitors in the area.

The company statement also mentioned the fact that it was planning to add a European dedicated connectivity to its product portfolio. This new connectivity would join with the Hong Kong Internet Exchange and extend into the US and Chinese markets.

Host Virtual also said it wanted to continue following its well-known strategy of offering premium, low latency connectivity. It also wants to implement local support centres so customers can speak to someone in their own countries. India and China have already seen successful trials.

Industry experts commented on the fact that this strategy comes as no surprise. It comes after aggressive campaigns in both America and Europe, which saw a number of new centres springing up in Dallas, London, and Los Angeles, to name just a few places.

The organisation’s senior vice president, Sandy Bhargavi said, “We’re pleased to continue our investment in our Hong Kong Cloud.” She continued to comment on the business side of things: “We’re seeing tremendous demand from businesses looking to reach China and Hong Kong plus mainland businesses expanding throughout the world from this location.”

Host Virtual’s cloud enables clients to quickly deploy applications and features like VOIP, 300 Linux, and IPV6 support for any of the organisation’s 11 current worldwide locations. By combining tools such as Load Balancing and BGP AnyCast, these cloud services have been built off the back of a solid and reliable infrastructure.

It is these things that Host Virtual wants to continue to replicate in Hong Kong for the benefit of its customers.

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