HostGator Celebrates its Tenth Birthday

Global web hosting provider HostGator is celebrating ten years in business by offering a variety of new deals to its customers. The news comes as a shock to many as all services are receiving the same massive discounts.

HostGator currently has 12,000 different servers under its banner, which has grown out of three servers back in 2002 when Brent Oxley, the current Chairman of HostGator, started the company whilst studying at Florida Atlantic University.

Users are able to take advantage of the offers presented for the HostGator birthday celebrations by navigating to the website and taking advantage of the new coupon code. It can be inserted when purchasing anything on the website, and is also available to clients regardless of whether they have just signed up with the site or not.

The main promotion for these birthday celebrations is 40% off all web hosting packages. The smallest savings begin with basic packages where between $10 and $20 can be saved on the most affordable packages. Taking out a dedicated server would normally cost over $200, but with this discount attached it now only costs just over $100, which is a saving of over $100.

Domain names registration also sees discounts applied to them. Although they are not set at the massive 40% rate, they are still much more affordable than ever before. For registering a domain name, it will only cost customers $5. HostGator staff members are also making available the .com, .info, .org, .net, and .us domain name extensions available to users for a limited amount of time.

The coupon code is ‘ANNIVERSARYPROMOTION’ and customers are expected to take advantage of these new discounts in the coming days. As well as giving back to new clients, it’s expected to be a part of a major marketing drive for the company.

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