HostGator Increases Employment Drive in Austin, Texas

HostGator has announced that it is increasing the number of people they are taking on in Austin, Texas. They recently employed 150 people and will move to hire 500 more over the next year. The information came directly from pivotal graduation officer Taylor Hawes.

Hawes said the main roles the company had recruited for so far were tech support, systems management, and margin reps. These new hires fall in line with company strategy of forming a large base in the Texas area. They purchased a 40,000-ft share of a 100,000-ft business building in Austin.

HostGator confirmed that it had not received any advances from the Town of Austin or its local officials. They said the decision to move to Texas was purely strategic.

The initial projection from HostGator stated that they would employ 300 people in a three-year period. They have since revised these figures to cover for the increasing amount of business they have had over the past few months.

When the Austin centre has full employment, it will join HostGator’s other information centres. The company wants to boost the strength of its web hosting and computing services so that it can compete with other larger web hosting companies. A company insider said that they had already cooperated with multiple ‘big players’.

The increase in Austin hires coincides with rapid expansion within the company. In Houston, they have already hired an additional 350 people, bringing their workforce there to 815.

Furthermore, they have reported positive figures as the number of domains has increased from roughly three million to roughly six million in year, and the company reports it has between 400,000 and 500,000 customers. Boss and CEO Lance Custen refused to reveal anything about how much they had made during the last financial year and how much they expected to make in this financial year.

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