HostGator Offer New Customers One Month for One Cent

In a two-pronged effort to both attract new customers and promote its HostGator Advisor site, international web host company HostGator is offering some special coupons including one that will give new customers their first month of any new hosting plan for just a penny. Customers need only enter a special coupon code at the time they sign up for the new plan. Other discounts coupons include a 25% savings on any hosting package or a special price of $24.95 on reseller plans.

There’s no word on how long the special promotions will last, but they are designed to encourage customers to participate in the HostGator Advisor site; a site with the sole purpose of providing comprehensive web host reviews and technical information for customers. Host Gator has already included its vast collection of video tutorials and other useful site building resources at the HostGator Advisor as well. They are hoping customers will join in by posting their own reviews.

An unnamed HostGator Advisor official said, “We designed HostGator Advisor to be an online support portal where future and current customers could learn about HostGator and hosting through its more than 500 video tutorials and 680 help articles. The HostGator coupons that are available through the Website are just one more way we show that choosing HostGator is overwhelmingly the best choice for service, quality, growth and savings.”

HostGator Advisor is of the company’s official information portal for use by all levels of web developers, from professional to amateur hobbyist. When new customers log on to the HostGator website to purchase a plan, they are first directed through this information site as a means of guiding them to the correct choice. Once signed up they have full access to the resource library.

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