HostGator Offers New Website Builder

Business customers of web hosting company HostGator will have a new tool at their disposal to help them design and build new websites, according to an announcement made by the company on Tuesday, February 7 2012. The announcement coincided with the launch of HostGator’s new BaseKit site building tool. The tool is aimed at small and midsize business customers who need an easy and efficient way to build a new site from scratch or enhance existing ones.

Users can build their sites using their own designs or choose from over 100 templates provided by HostGator. All the templates are customizable with options including Google Maps, Facebook, and Twitter. Furthermore, BaseKit is the perfect tool for business customers with limited web building skills because it allows drag-and-drop design and building. And even though BaseKit is an independent company partnering with multiple web hosts, HostGator customers who use the platform can continue hosting their websites with them.

According to HostGator founder and CEO Brent Oxley, his company’s decision to partner with BaseKit was in response to customer demand. HostGator spent quite a bit of time polling customers and getting their feedback as to what they expected in a website building tool.

“We received a lot of insight from our community and they asked for an easy to use site builder,” he said. “The site builder is extremely easy to use for everyone that wants to build their own website, yet it has the advanced features to cater for our more advanced users and designers.”

As for BaseKit, partnering with HostGator increases both their brand recognition and their presence in the USA. The brand is already strong in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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