HostGator’s Parent Company Gets New Senior Director

Web hosting company HostGator’s parent company has hired a new senior director to address its on-going commitment to growth.

The parent company, Endurance International Group, hired Lisa Box as the senior director of domains.

HostGator’s Origins 

Not a lot of people know HostGator is actually a subsidiary of an umbrella company. Endurance International Group only acquired the web hosting company in the last few years. Other well-known brands under its control include BlueHost and

Jumping Ship 

Lisa Box joined the domain name industry back in 2007. She originally started as the vice president of sales & marketing for Internet REIT. She was later promoted to the senior director of sales for This later translated into a job as the vice president of business development after sold some of its brands to KeyDrive Group.

HostGator’s parent company finally decided to hire Lisa Box due to her vast amount of experience garnered over a very short space of time. In particular, they point to her positive sales record. Her role will involve increasing revenues from the sales of domain names.

Her boss will be Brian Unruh, the chief executive of domains. She will work out of Endurance International Group’s offices in Austin, Texas.

Critics Praise 

She will not only work with HostGator, as she will be overseeing domains across multiple web hosting companies. Her expertise in sales is expected to drive the department forward and help it to compete with big industry players like GoDaddy.

Critics see this as a major step forward for Endurance as it has yet to have one of its brands break into the top five web hosting companies. It is hoped the improvements brought to the selling of domain names will also affect their general web hosting services.

It is unknown if their new hire will be participating in its international expansion strategies.

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