HOSTING Parades New Chief Technology Officer

HOSTING, the a hosting provider specialising in managed cloud hosting, has unveiled its new Chief Technology Officer, Matthew ‘Matt’ Ferrari.

This latest move from HOSTING comes as no surprise to some as it has recently rebranded itself and reinforced its focus, concentrating specifically on the medium-sized enterprise market.

The new CTO of Hosting will take responsibility for its strategic technological development. He will have a great degree of control over HOSTING’s new and existing products and services. He is responsible for the architecture of the company’s technological development efforts, and he will make his presence known in the product development and product line departments.

The CEO of HOSTING, Art Zeile, praised Mr. Ferrari’s skills and what he might bring to the company, “Matt’s leadership skills and innovative vision is the perfect catalyst to advance our expansion as a provider of managed cloud technologies and services.” Mr. Zeile continued to say, “He is a well-recognized expert who fundamentally understands the critical business challenges technology must rise to.”

Mr. Ferrari already has experience with the company as he participated in the design and building phase of some of the company’s leading products since 2002. He has also acted as one of the faces of the company, including being a frequent keynote speaker at various global conferences, such as the Microsoft Hosting Summit and EMCWorld.

In the past, Mr. Ferrari has developed and nurtured a number of strategically positive relationships with other companies, and in this role HOSTING expects him to do even more to strengthen them.

Before joining HOSTING, Mr. Ferrari worked for the Exelon Corporation where he designed and implemented new technologies, as well as having a significant impact in the deployment of some of the company’s strategic projects.

Some people initially assumed HOSTING would attempt to bring in an outsider with experience of being a CTO with another hosting provider.

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