HostPapa Announces Partnership with CloudFlare

Green web hosting company HostPapa has announced a new partnership with CloudFlare via a special email sent to the company’s clients. The e-mail announcement was meant to encourage users to utilize the service, which is now free for all shared web hosting accounts. HostPapa shared web hosting customers now have access to CloudFlare directly from their individual control panels.

“HostPapa has partnered with CloudFlare to ensure that all of our customers have the best web hosting experience possible,” says the HostPapa website. “By joining the CloudFlare community, you’ll have access to performance and security resources previously reserved for large websites.”

CloudFlare is an optimization package that “turbochargers” a website to increase its performance and enhance the user experience. It offers a tool chest of valuable options web host companies and designers can use to generate more traffic, improve conversion rates, provide greater website accessibility, increase security, and speed up webpage load time. CloudFlare can take even the most mundane websites and turn them into supercharged websites if used properly.

Some of the features users of CloudFlare will find important include:

  • maximum uptime and faster load times due to static content storage at strategic global locations
  • enhanced security including threat screening and blocking
  • improved website analytics
  • quick setup and customization via the HostPapa cPanel control panel

Existing shared hosting customers who want to access CloudFlare should now see it available in their control panels. If not, they are encouraged to contact HostPapa right away. Details regarding the new service can be found by visiting the HostPapa website and clicking on the CloudFlare link at the bottom of the main page.

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