HostPapa Buys Face Time

American-Canadian web hosting company HostPapa has embarked on a brand-new advertising campaign in the UK. According to a company announcement they have purchased “face time” from two former university students seeking to raise money to pay off their student loans. The entrepreneurial duo calls their moneymaking project BuyMyFace. It consists of each one painting the logo of a sponsor on his face for an entire day as he goes about his normal business shopping, hanging out with friends, going to concerts, and so on.

“We love to see innovative thinking and we’re pleased to help these two young men reach their goal,” said HostPapa’s Sylvain Patry. “Not only that, but it’s clever, creative advertising – bringing HostPapa face-to-face with potential customers and friends.”

This certainly isn’t the first time human beings have offered themselves as walking billboards. In 2009, HostGator contracted with a marketer known as Billy the Billboard. The web hosting company paid Billy Gibby some $3000 to tattoo his neck with their logo and domain name. Mr. Gibby went one step further by having his name legally changed to reflect the HostGator domain name.

Another web hosting company by the name of CI Host has paid thousands of dollars to a pair of human billboards over the last couple of years. They claim the first contract worth $7,000 brought CI Host 500 new customers in less than half a year.

As for HostPapa, they say their investment in BuyMyFace is a creative way to reach their audience while still having some fun. They believe that getting ahead in the web hosting industry requires creativity and ingenuity; two qualities they see in the BuyMyFace team. No word yet as to whether or not they will re-up their contract for another day.

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