HostPapa Joins Up With Softaculous Ltd.

The webhosting provider HostPapa has announced that it’s going to be forming a partnership with the company Softaculous Ltd.

Softaculous Ltd. is the developer of the Softaculous Auto Installer, which is highly prized amongst developers. It allows developers to install their JavaScript, PERL, and PHP applications with just one click. With the partnership of HostPapa and this company it will allow clients who host their sites with HostPapa to gain access to the installer.

The installer is designed to make development simple. Those who don’t know anything about codes and applications will be able to click a few buttons and they will have their applications installed and ready to go without any problems. Furthermore, there are over 275 scripts that come with the installer as part of the scripts library. These scripts can be used for things like forums, social networking, and blogs, amongst other things. Ultimately, it’s about giving people the chance to take advantage of new technical advancements to create sites that are better than ever before.

HostPapa has made a great addition to its arsenal as studies have shown that the Softaculous installer is currently the most efficient in the industry. Its competitors are much slower and involve more steps than just the one-step Softaculous system.

The Senior Vice President of Business Development for HostPapa, Sylvain Patry, said that: “Softaculous offers a better, faster and more elegant interface and has more features as compared to other products we evaluated. Softaculous also allows users to access ratings, reviews, and software demos, which helps them to choose a suitable application based on their requirements.”

Overall, the ease of use that Softaculous’s software is expected to provide will make the web hosting experience much more enjoyable for customers, and will also help HostPapa compete with its competitors in the realm of web hosting.

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