HostPapa Sponsoring Contest for New Logo

HostPapa, known in the Web hosting world for being one of the first hosting companies to employ green hosting standards, is in the market for a brand-new look and logo. To that end the company has just launched a logo design contest encouraging their customers and fans to submit their ideas. The contest is being run through the HostPapa Facebook page where interested designers can upload their original, and hopefully eye-catching, designs.

The name of the contest is rather creative in itself with HostPapa asking the question, “Who’s your Papa?” The contest is open to anyone with a great idea, not just HostPapa customers. During the initial stages of the contest all Facebook visitors will be able to view the entries and cast their votes. Final winners will be determined by a panel of judges consisting of HostPapa officials. However, the more votes a specific design gets from the general public, the greater its chances of winning among the judging panel.

“We really want our customers to drive the process and help inspire and focus our upcoming redesign,” said HostPapa’s Sylvain Patry. “We want to know what HostPapa means to them, and how they see us. This contest is also part of HostPapa’s efforts to engage more directly with our customers who are, after all, at the centre of everything we do.”

The first-place winner will receive a grand prize including a new 16GB iPad and $500 in merchandise featuring his or her winning design. Furthermore, the logo will appear on all HostPapa merchandise and marketing materials including their website, promotional materials, and printed communications. All entries must be submitted no later than May 14, 2012.

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