HostPapa Teams Up With Vembu StoreGrid to Offer Back Up

HostPapa, a web host with operations in Canada, teamed up with managed IT services provider Vembu StoreGrid to create an online backup for all its customers who take advantage of the special StoreGrid Hosting Edition.

Vembu StoreGrid is one of the market leaders in managed IT solutions for the cloud and has worked with a number of major webhosts in the past. HostPapa is working closely with the company to create a fully integrated disaster recovery solution.

Customers who use HostPapa won’t have to worry about the safety of their data anymore because they have full control over their backups. Along with being able to backup everything, they can generate smaller backups at the file and domain level by simply using the HostPapa control panel.

The VP of Product Management for Vembu Storegrid, Srivatsan Venkatesan, described the company’s position on collaborating with HostPapa: “I am delighted with HostPapa’s decision to offer StoreGrid Hosting Provider Edition to their customers,” The statement continued: “Our partnership with HostPapa proves that we’re well positioned to lead the next generation of data backup and disaster recovery in the hosting market, and revamp an industry that has been dominated by legacy players.”

With the expansion of its product range, observers expect HostPapa to become more competitive in the global webhosting market; particularly since the recent problems with downtime from webhost GoDaddy. Sylvain Patry is the Senior VP of Business Development for the webhost and commented: “Our partnership with Vembu enables us to offer the most comprehensive and reliable online backup and restore solution on the market today.” She continued: “Vembu has solved many of our technical and business challenges, giving us an affordable and high performance backup solution for our cPanel servers, delivered at one effective price point.”

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