How to Add a Facebook Follow Button for Single and Multiple Authors in WordPress


When running a WordPress blog it is a good idea to link your site to social media so that you can increase exposure and generate more visitors. When linking to Facebook, most WordPress users will simply place a like box on their site; however, the social network also provides the option to add a follow button so that readers can follow the author as opposed to just following the site.

In this post, we will show you how you can add a follow button for every content author on your site.

Adding a Follow Button for a Single Author

For single authors, adding a follow button is a very simple task. Go to and enter your Facebook profile URL. You will then be shown a preview of what your follow button will look like. In the fields provided, you can specify the height and width of the button and customise the layout style and color scheme. Once you happy with how the button looks, click on Get Code and copy the <iframe> code.

From there, all that’s left to do is paste the code into a widget or directly into a post or page on your blog.

Adding a Follow Button for Multiple Authors

For multiple users, adding a follow button requires a little more work; however, the process is not difficult. To get started, go to Plugins > Add New and install and activate the official Facebook for WordPress plugin. Once activated, the plugin will add a new menu in the sidebar of your dashboard, whereby you can access the settings.

On this page, Facebook will ask you to enter an Application key and a Secret key. To get these, go to and register with your Facebook account. In the apps page click on Create New App and give your app a name (the other fields can be left blank). Click on Continue to get the App ID and Secret Key – copy and paste these codes on the plugin settings page.

The next step is to add the follow button. Go to Facebook > Follow Button on your WordPress site and choose where you want the button to appear and what you want it took look like. Each user will then be required to link their Facebook account to the site. For the main author this is done by going to Facebook > Social Publisher and clicking on Associate your WordPress account with a Facebook account. For other authors, it is done by going to Users > Profile and selecting Allow new posts to your Facebook Timeline.

The follow button will now appear as a clickable button for readers viewing your content and the content of other authors on your site.

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