How to Add Bing Maps to your WordPress Website


A few months back we published a tutorial on how to embed Google Maps to your WordPress site. Google Maps is not the only free map service out there however and there is a great alternative in the form of Bing Maps; it is as simple to use and install as the Google version.

Adding Bing Maps without a Plugin

Bing Maps can be added to WordPress with or without a plugin – both of these options are quick and simple and embedding can be done without a problem.

To get started, go to Bing Maps and find your location. Like Google Maps, Bing has a Share button at the top of the page. When you’re happy with your location, click on the Share button and copy the code under Embed in a Webpage. If you wish to edit your map, you can click on the Customize and Preview button. This will allow you to change the size and type of map and hide links.

With the code pasted, simply login to your WordPress website and paste it into your posts or pages. If you wish to add the map to your sidebar go to Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop the Text widget to your sidebar. Paste the code into the text box and click on Save.

Adding Bing Maps with a Plugin

If you would prefer to use a plugin to install Bing Maps, the free Bing Maps for WordPress plugin by Rich Gubby is one to use.

Bing Maps for WordPress allows you to create maps easily with a [bingMap] shortcode in your posts. You don’t have to worry about how the maps are displayed, the plugin takes care of that. You can create dynamic maps that allow your visitors to pan and zoom, or static maps that don’t have those features. You can create Road maps, Aerial views, Aerial views with roads marked on them, or even a 3D Birdseye view.

Go to Plugins > Add New from your dashboard sidebar and enter ‘Bing Maps’ in the search box. Once you’ve found it, click on Install and then Activate when the installation is complete.

Before you use the plugin, you will need to enter a Bing Maps Key. You can create one of these in Bing Maps Account Center and enter it in the plugin’s settings page.

In Bing Maps – Settings (where you enter your key code) you can configure the width, height and zoom of the map and select locale.

To display a map anywhere on a page or blog post, simply specify the location using the coordinates and use the bingmaps-map shortcode provided.

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