How to Add Contact Form 7 to Your WordPress Website


If you run any sort of website or blog, you are going to want an easy way for your visitors to contact you. The obvious way to do this is to add a contact form to your site; however, with spam rampant, particularly on WordPress, you are going to want a contact form that filters out all of the spam but still makes it easy for visitors to get in touch – this can be done with a plugin. Now, there are dozens of plugins that allow you to feature a contact form on your site, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest: Contact Form 7. With almost 13 million downloads, Contact Form 7 has become the go-to plugin for WordPress users everywhere. In this guide, we will show you how you can add it to your site.

Installing Contact Form 7

Installing this plugin is no different to installing any other plugin from the WordPress Directory. After logging in to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New and enter “Contact Form 7” in the search field.

When the WordPress database has found the plugin, click on Install and then Activate to get the plugin up and running.

Now, going back to the left-hand menu on your WordPress dashboard, you will see the option for Contact; click on it to get your contact form up and running.

Using Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 comes preconfigured with one contact form by default, known as Contact form 1. If all you need is a simple contact form, or you don’t have much time to set a form up, this option is a great solution. To use it, simply make sure the email address in the Mail section is correct and copy the code displayed in the Form box.

Next, find the page, post, or text widget, where you wish to display the form and paste in the code. Click on Save or Update and the form will attach itself to the page.

Creating a new contact form

In the majority of cases, the default form will be satisfactory; however, if you wish to create a new contact form for whatever reason, such as a form in another language or extra forms, this is possible too. To create a new form go to Contact and click on Add New button next to the Contact Form 7 title. You will then be given the option to create a new form in the default language (English) or choose another language. After this, you can set about editing the name, email address, subject and message to suit your needs. With that done, click on Save to register the changes.

With Contact Form 7 installed and running, your visitors will have an easy way to get in touch and spam will be kept to a minimum.

Advanced Contact Forms


The Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin allows you to a lot of features and is great to create basic to mid-level complexity forms. If you’re looking to create complex forms, which involves conditional logics, redirections, payment processing or other advanced features, we strongly suggests that you create a free account at Formstack to test their forms building service. You’ll need to pay if you plan on making heavy use of their forms, but they are one of the best contact forms company out there.

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