How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress


If you are running a WordPress website or blog, you will probably like to make some money from it; one of the best way to do this is through advertising. Google AdSense is the most popular online advertising program in the world and presents a free and easy way to make money from websites by displaying relevant contextual ads on your site.

While it should be noted that usually only WordPress sites with high levels of traffic will make the big bucks from AdSense, any income at all is a bonus and can help pay for hosting and other expenses.

Here we’ll show you how to get Google AdSense up and running on your WordPress site.

Signing Up on Google Adsense

As with most Google products, signing up for AdSense is a straightforward process; however, there are restrictions involved. To be eligible to sign up you will need a verified Google account and must be over 18 years of age. Your website will also need to comply with Google’s policies. In some countries, this may require that you have owned your website for six months.

Once you have submitted your application, Google will review it and get back to you via email within about a week.

Creating an ad on Google Adsense

Providing your application has successfully gone through, you will be ready to set about putting advertisements on your WordPress site. To do this you will first need to visit your AdSense Dashboard and click on the “My ads” option (this can be found next to “Home” along the top menu bar). In “My ads” select “Ad units” and “New ad unit.”

Depending on the design of your website, you may need to customise ads; however, the default sizes are usually fine for WordPress. Next, you will need to choose a name and decide whether you want the new ad to feature colours, text, or both. Once this is done, click on the “Save and get code” button at the bottom of the screen.

Placing the Google Adsense Ad on your WordPress Site

With your code ready to copy and paste, placing ads on your site is easy.

To feature ads in the sidebar of your site, go to Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop the “Text” widget into your preferred sidebar.

Open the text box and give your ad a title. Right below that is a box to add text – this is where you should paste your code. Once this is done, click “Save” and your ad is ready to go.

If you wish to place the ad within your content, you should select Posts > All Posts, find the post where you wish to place the ad and select “Edit”.

In post view, select the “Text” tab and simply paste the ad code within the body. Once this is done, click on “Update” and go view your ad-featuring content.

Google takes care of all the ads and payments, meaning all that is required of you is to place the ads, sit back, and let your site generate you revenue.

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