How to Add Google Maps to your WordPress Website


With Google’s search algorithms now offering a more personalized service to users, local SEO has become extremely important to businesses that rely on custom from the local area. By embedding Google Maps on your website, you can provide information that is more detailed to users concerning your location and contact details, while benefiting your search rankings. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can easily add the tool to your site.

How to Add Google Maps Manually

Google Maps can be added to your website manually or via a plugin. For most features, manual installation means messing around with code – something few people are confident with. However, on this occasion manually adding Google Maps is every bit as easy as the plugin option.

To get started, go to Google Maps and enter the address of the location you wish to display on your website (usually your business address). Once Google has found your location, click on the link button in the right-hand panel and copy the code featured in the Paste HTML to embed in website box.

In your WordPress site, go to Posts > Add New or Pages > Add New and paste in the embed iframe code. Save the post or page and you’re all done.

How to Add Google Maps with a Plugin

If you would prefer your maps to show up in various posts and pages on your site, using a plugin is a better solution.

The best, and most popular, plugin to use is MapPress Easy Google Maps and can be installed by going to Plugins > Add New and typing the name of the plugin into the search field. Once you’ve found the plugin, click on Install and then Activate when the install is complete.

Next, go to a post or page on your site and click on Edit. In the editing page, scroll down to see the MapPress section and click on New Map – this will open an editor where you can manually enter a location or select My Location to have the plugin detect your location. Give your map a title and choose a suitable size, then click on Insert into Post and Publish to add it.

If you wish to further customize your map, you can do so in the MapPress section of your dashboard. In Basic Settings, you can choose if and where to automatically display maps, as well of configuring alignment, controls, border and map type.

If you wish to add Google Maps to your sidebar, there is another plugin called Google Maps Widget that can be installed from the Plugins Directory and dragged and dropped easily over to your sidebar.

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