How to Add Rich Contact Information in Your WordPress Website


With Google continuing to pull semantic from their indexed websites, rich snippets have become increasingly influential in enhancing click-through rates. By adding rich contact information (address, city, phone number, etc.) to your website and thus to search results, you can really benefit from greater engagement with local search users and put yourself ahead of competition in your area.

In this guide, we will show you two ways in which you can easily add rich contact information to your site and deliver relevant information to searchers.

Rich Contact Widget

There are two methods that you can use to add rich contact information to your website – the first of these is Rich Contact Widget plugin.

Rich Contact Widget is a simple contact widget enhanced with microdata and microformats tags for local SEO.

The plugin can be installed via the WordPress Plugin Directory by going to Plugins > Add New and entering ‘Rich Contact Widget’ in the search field. Install and activate the plugin are per the standard process.

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, go to Appearance > Widgets and add Rich Contact Widget to one of the widget areas of your theme (sidebar, footer, etc.). When you have placed the widget where you want it, you will need to enter your contact information, after which the plugin will automatically create the markup for rich snippets.

There also options to provide a vCard download link containing your contact information and display a map of your location.

Adding Rich Contact Information Manually

If you would rather not go down the plugin route, it is possible to add rich contact information manually by editing your theme files. This can be done by going to Appearance > Editor.

It is possible to add both microdata and microformats, but only one can be used.  We have provided code for both (microformats = class, microdata = itemtype and itemprop); however, as microdata is Google’s recommended option, we suggest using itemtype and itemprop attributes.

<ul class="vcard" itemscope


<li class="fn  org" itemprop="name"><strong>YourCompany


<li itemprop="description">YourActivity</li>

<ul class="adr" itemprop="address" itemscope


<li class="street-address" itemprop="streetAddress">Your


<li><span class="locality"


class="region" itemprop="addressRegion">State

</span>&nbsp;<span class="postal-code" itemprop="postalCode">YourZip


<li class="country-name"



<li class="tel" itemprop="telephone">Your phone number</li>

<li class="email" itemprop="email"><a href="<?php

antispambot( '' ) ?>"></a></li>


Once rich snippets have been activated, you can head over to Google Webmaster Tools and enter your URL to test them. Based on the URL, Google will display all of the rich content information it extracts from your page.

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