How to Add WhatsApp to Your WordPress Website


With mobile usage increasing exponentially, having a mobile-friendly WordPress website is essential to the future of your blog or business.

One particular area in which mobile is dominating is social, with sites such as Facebook and Twitter and instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp ruling the roost.

The influence of social media websites is such that your blog posts are probably already set up for Twitter and Facebook sharing, but what about WhatsApp? With over 600 million users, this app is the most popular cross-messaging service on the planet, allowing conversations to take place in private without the need for SMS.

With such a huge and growing audience, the potential of WhatsApp is vast and one that you should definitely be taking advantage of.

WhatsApp and WordPress integration is still relatively new; however, there are a couple of excellent possibilities that provide the option of displaying the company’s logo as a share button on your site.


AddToAny is one of the most comprehensive social plugins around and one of the few to feature WhatsApp as an option.

Once you have downloaded, installed and activated the plugin, using it is straightforward. To add WhatsApp to your social sharing options, go to Settings > AddToAny, locate the WhatsApp logo and click on it to add it to the list.

AddToAny comes with a range of features that allow you to choose whether to show WhatsApp at the top or bottom of a page, display a floating social bar and customize the logo in keeping with the overall theme of your website. The plugin also integrates with Google Analytics so that stats from share buttons can be tracked.

Mobile ShareBar

The next option is Mobile ShareBar, which allows you to display a customizable share bar at the top or bottom of your website.

To set up a WhatsApp share button, download, install and activate Mobile ShareBar, and head to Settings > Mobile ShareBar from your dashboard sidebar to configure the plugin settings.

Configuring the plugin is easy; button and share texts can be left as they are, unless there is something specific you want to display.

In Display Settings, decide where you want to position the plugin and on which pages and save your preferences.

Mobile ShareBar is a simple and powerful plugin that gives users an easy way to share your content to their WhatsApp contacts; however, it is currently limited by the fact that Mobile ShareBar only works on iOS devices, and thus will only be visible to users visiting your site from an Apple mobile device.

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