How to Auto Share Old WordPress Posts with Revive Old Post


As a blogger, you probably try to keep your website updated with fresh content as often as possible. However, in your quest to keep things current, posts from the past tend to become neglected. Granted, keeping things up-to-date is the best way to keep people interested in your site; but you could have many informative posts that are receiving hardly any traffic. In other words, people are missing out on content that could better their lives.

One way to keep the traffic flowing is to make every post search engine friendly, but you should not stop there. You need to go ahead and promote your old posts like new. Of course, with new content to promote on social media, digging through old posts to share is not likely something you have time for. However, this is WordPress we’re talking about – the platform where everything is easier than it needs to be, and sharing old content is no different. To help you revive old posts and put them back in the public eye, WordPress has an excellent plugin that automates the process.

Revive Old Post

Formally known as Tweet Old Post, Revive Old Post is a simple plugin designed to make sharing old posts simple, by allowing you to configure content for automatic sharing.

To start using Revive Old Post, the first thing you will need to do is install it. This can be done by going to Plugins > Add New from your WordPress dashboard, typing the name of the plugin in the search field, and clicking the necessary links to complete installation and activation.

Once installed, Revive Old Post will add a new menu item to your dashboard sidebar; click on this to get to the plugin settings.

Configuring the Plugin

To begin posting, you will need to give the plugin permissions to post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This can be done by clicking on the Add account/Authorize button of each social network.

Next, you should add a hashtag, share the necessary link and check the box to shorten the URL of the posts. You can also add prefix or suffix text and exclude categories.

With these settings in place, go to Revive Old Posts > Exclude Posts. Here is where you can prevent old posts from being automatically shared. While some of your old content will still be useful, other posts will have lost value – this feature lets you exclude them, even if you’ve selected the specific category.

When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the See Sample Post button for a preview of how your post will look on social media. If you do not need to change anything, simply click on Save, followed by Start Sharing to set the ball rolling.

Revive Old Post is free to download, with an optional Pro version for $24.99 which includes additional social networks and a range of other features. However, if Twitter and Facebook are where most of your sharing is done, the free version should suffice.

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