How to Build Landing Pages on WordPress


Your landing page is the first thing a customer sees when landing on your website. It has to be persuasive and powerful if you’re going to convince someone to do whatever it is you want them to do. There are multiple ways to build landing pages on WordPress.

Option 1 – Use a Plugin

The first option you have open to you is to fire up a plugin of your choice. There’s a plugin for absolutely everything these days, and landing pages are no exception.

There are few free plugins for landing pages; however, be prepared to pay if you want to create a landing page that actually has the ability to draw customers in.

The most basic plugin that has excellent reviews and delivers on what it says is WordPress Landing Pages.

Option 2 – Consider Drag and Drop Theme Builders

A landing page is fundamentally different from any other page on your website. A drag-and-drop theme builder is ideal for putting together a landing page you can be proud of. Of course, you will not have as many features to work with, but as far as basic landing pages go, it is ideal.

They are simple to use, as well. Just enter the builder tab and drag various pieces of content into specific areas. These may come in the form of text boxes, image boxes, or even galleries.

The big advantage is it doesn’t take long to put one of these pages together using this method.

Option 3 – LeadPages

LeadPages is a paid solution. It has made big waves within the online marketing community. This tool is specially designed for building landing pages and integrating them with other features offered by WordPress, including opt-in forms.

These plans are pricey at $37 per month, however.

Option 4 – Build it Yourself

The options available on this page involve building the page without any technical expertise. On the other hand, if you want maximum control and you have some technical expertise, you can build a landing page from scratch.

Here’s a quick guide for how to build it:

  1. Take the default page.php file and make a copy of it under a different name.
  2. Take the default header and footer.php files and copy them as well. List them under different names.
  3. Using your copy of the page.php file, change the default get_header and get_footer commands to new ones using your new templates, which you just created in step two.
  4. Remove get_sidebar to avoid creating any problems.
  5. Remove all HTML blocks you don’t need for your landing page from all three files.

You now have a full blank template to work with. You can do this with absolutely any theme you like. The easiest one to use is one of the default WordPress templates, though.

What Now?

Once you have the template for a landing page, add to it as you would any page. Just remember that having a landing page guarantees you nothing. This is a part of your website you have to split test heavily in order to get the best results.

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