How to Create a Gravatar for Your WordPress Blog


Gravatars, or Globally Recognised Avatars to give them their full name, are used by millions of people worldwide and linked closely to WordPress.

A Gravatar is a small online profile that works with both and, though they do need a account (not a site, just an account) to use. Having one can be beneficial to an online presence and helps attract more visitors to your website by promoting trust and making you a recognisable face across WordPress.

In this guide, we will show you how to create your very own Gravatar and start reaping the benefits.

Creating a Account

As we have already mentioned, to create a Gravatar you will need a account. It will not be possible to use your credentials.

You can register your account by going to the Gravatar website and clicking on the Sign In button.

On the next page, you will see a link that asks you if you need a account. Click on this to create your account. You only need to enter an email address, username and password to do this.

Once you have entered your details, go to your inbox and to find the email confirming your new WordPress account. Click on the confirmation link and use your credentials to sign in to Gravatar.

Setting up a Gravatar

On the Manage Gravatars Page when you log in, you will notice a message saying, “Whoops, looks like you don’t have any images yet! Add one by clicking here!” Click on this link and upload a suitable profile picture from your local computer. Crop the image as require and click on Crop and Finish to use it.

Next, you will be asked to rate your picture. Ratings are G, PG, R and X. If you want your image to be seen across the WordPress, it is best to opt for G or PG rated images. R rated images are blocked on most sites and X-rated images are blocked on virtually all WordPress sites.

Editing Your Gravatar Profile

Clicking on the My Profile option from your Gravatar homepage will allow you to edit Name and Details, Websites, Background and Verified Services – doing this will allow you to get greater exposure.

In the Name and Details section, you should write a short, punchy description of yourself in the About Me area and include a link to your site. In Websites, you should add your blog and any other sites you write for. Background is all about personal preference. And Verified Services is the place you should add your social media accounts.

Adding Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube details gives people as easy way to link with you and, in a roundabout way, drives traffic to your website.

Gravatars only take a few minutes to set-up, but can greatly benefit you in the long-term as a blogger on WordPress. Give it a go.

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